How can I let users sign up for a specific group (topic)?

This is why it matters

In short: to provide a tailored learning experience.

Use this feature if you want to make sure you broadcast chats to people, who are interested in a certain topic or want to join a specific group.

Inviting users to groups is one way to personalize the learning experience (another one is using jumps).

This is what you can do

You can create a sign-up form for a specific group (or topic) only and let users subscribe to it. Once users are subscribed they get added to the group. When you broadcast your chats you can target only the users of the specific group.

This is how it works

  1. Create the group you want users to subscribe to (avoid spaces between words). Let's say the group name you use is "Mobility".
  2. Get the link to your sign-up form
  3. Add ?groupName=example to the URL of your sign-up form. In our example: ?groupName=Mobility
  4. The sign-up form is ready to use. The form is adapted, which you can see in the headline.
  5. Communicate the form to your users and let them subscribe. This works for new and existing users as well.
  6. Users get the group tag.
All done, you're now set to broadcast the right content to the people who are interested in it. 

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