How can I let users sign up for my organization?

If you want to make it optional to sign up for your chats, you can provide a sign-up form.

Simply communicate it to potential users on your channels and let them sign-up to receive chats via SMS or Email.

Please note: you can also let users sign up for specific groups (topics) only. See this article for details.

How do I get the link to our sign-up form?

Every organization on the platform gets its own sign-up form. Please contact Patric or Pascal to get the link to your sign-up form.

Can I add a disclaimer?

Yes. As you are the controller of user data in this case (and we the processor on your behalf), we recommend you add a disclaimer that informs, what you are doing, what type of data require and for what purposes.

Are users required to confirm their accounts?

Yes. By default users are required to confirm their account via email ( double opt-in). If you're entitled to remove the confirmation on behalf of your organization and

How does the sign-up form look?

Like this:

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