How can I build and use groups?

Why do groups matter?

With groups, you can broadcast chats to users with similar traits. This is a way to personalize the learning experience. Groups are formed by trainers.

How do I build a group?

1. in the menu, go to 

2. Chose an existing group or add a new one

Type the name of the group you want to create and click enter. 

Or pick one from the existing ones.

Select the users you want to add to the group and click the + icon next.

The selected users are added to your group. Tipp: You can search for group members via the user search.

How can I remove a user from a group?

  1. Chose the users by ticking the box.
  2. Select the group in the dropdown
  3. Click the minus icon

Can I search for group members?

Yes. Just enter the group name in the search field in the user management section.

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