Broadcasts: How to notify users about new chats

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Why does this matter?

Once you've written your compelling chat, it's time to bring it into users' hands.

How do I broadcast my chats to users?

  1. Go to Broadcasts 

  2. In the Broadcasts overview, you see scheduled and sent broadcasts
  3. Click "Create new Broadcast

  4. Give your broadcast a memorable name. This is what you will see in the overview.
  5. Chose the channel you want to use.
    1. SMS (can only be sent to users with a valid mobile phone number)
    2. Email
  6. Chose the training you want to broadcast.
  7. Write the notification text and leave the {LinkToChat}. The link will automatically be added to your notification.
    1. When you chose SMS:
      1. you can see how many characters are left to use
      2. be aware, that using Emojis in SMS can lead to higher costs. SMS sometimes have to be transmitted in segments due to different SMS encoding standards in mobile networks.
  8. Pick the users or groups (also see: How to build and use groups?) you want to reach
  9. Chose the appropriate time
    1. broadcast immediately
    2. schedule your broadcast
      1. by default, the time is based on your time-zone
      2. you can choose to broadcast your chat according to your user's time zone. 
        1. Good to know:
          1. When you work across time zones this ensures your users receive the chats at reasonable times, e.g. not in the middle of the night.
          2. This requires that users add their time zone to their profile.
          3. if the selected time in the user's time zone is already beyond the scheduled time, the broadcast will be triggered immediately.

Can I see which users have already received a notification?

Yes. You can see the status of a broadcast for each user.

Go to Broadcast overview and click the clipboard on the right-hand side of the column to show broadcast details

Delivered: the message has been sent successfully

Processing: the message has not been delivered.

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