Personalize chats with jumps

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Why does this matter?

The full power of chat unfolds when you personalize it to your user's needs and responses - ideally, they have the impression they are chatting to their own personal coach or tutor.

When to use jumps

Jumps allow you to branch out a conversation and deliver only the content your users need. For example:

  • when your users are on a different level. e.g. your chatbot can ask if the user wants to get the definition first or start right away.
  • when you want your users to choose from a set of different chats, e.g. your chatbot can ask if the user wants to learn something about topic a, b or c.
  • when you want to give feedback to the response a user gave in a quiz.

How to use jumps

Jumps are one of the options you can activate with each response in a dialog.

  1. click the "Fast Forward" button to activate jumps

  2. When it's activated, a dropdown appears that says "jump to". You will see a list of all available dialogs in the chat you are working on and all the chats in your library. 

  3. Select the destination you want the user to jump to after clicking the button. Jumps are possible to:
    1. a dialog within the same chat
    2. to the end of the same chat
    3. to the beginning of a new chat

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