Users: How can I add users to my organisation on

There are two ways how you can get users into your organization on

  1. You invite them
  2. You provide a sign-up form (see our article on the sign-up form)

For larger businesses, we also offer an integration with their employee directory (SSO).

This article is about

How do I invite new users to my organization on

  1. Go to Users
  2. Click 
  3. To increase trust and make sure the invitation is from you, add your name and a personal message that will be delivered to the invited users. Yes, you can enter several email addresses. Just separate them with a comma. 

  4. The invited user receives the invitation email (see example below). 
    1. Please note: 
      1. the invited user needs to activate her account (by clicking "join now") for you to broadcast chats. Activated users have a green tick next to their name in the user management.
      2. If you want to broadcast notifications via SMS, users need to add a mobile phone number to their profile

Have you received an email from Team Eggheads with the address Then you have been invited to join your organization on (yes, emails currently get sent from our domain). We let you know in the email who sent the invitation to you so that you can directly contact the person in case of any questions.

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