Types of Analytics

Why analytics?

Are you interested in gaining insights from what your users know - and don't know? Do you care about their opinions and feedback? Would you like to know how your content performs? Do you need to track user participation?

If there was at least one yes, analytics is the place to go.

What can I analyze?

There are two different reports you can choose for every chat from the analytics page:

  1. Total Engagement

    Get a clear overview of how everyone is engaging with your chats. See responses and completion rates. All participants stay anonymous, ensuring privacy while you learn more about your audience. Click the pie-chart icon.

Read more about the Total Engagement Report.

  1. Individual Participation

    Dive deeper and see who’s interacting with your chats. Track who's joined, who's started, and who's completed your chats. Click the participant icon.

Read more about the Participation Report.

Analytics Overview

When you open Analytics you get a high-level overview across all your chats. You see how many users you:

  • contacted with a broadcast (e.g. in Teams)
  • started
  • completed a training 

You can also see the overall completion rate. That's the percentage of users who reached the last dialog in a chat in relation to the number of users you contacted.

From the analytics overview, you can dive deeper.

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