Versioning: What is it? Why does it matter? How does it work?

What is versioning?

Versioning means that creates a different version of a chat every time you edit and update it - even if you just add a comma or an Emoji. 

Why is versioning a good thing?

Imagine this: you have spent your precious time to craft an outstanding chat. You have broadcasted it to your users and they have started to engage with it. All of a sudden, you figure out, that you need to edit the content.

Versioning has you covered: while you edit the chat, users can still access the already published version of your chat. You don't risk sending them to a link they can't access.

How does versioning work?

Every time you click publish in the editor, you create a new version of your chat.

Please be aware of this

Analytics shows you the data for every version of your chat. When you publish a new version during a running campaign, you will have to aggregate the analytics data from the relevant versions manually. Also see the article on Analytics.

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