What is a resource email? What is a resource link? How can I set up a follow-up email?

Why does this matter?

Chats are to the point 🎯. When you compose them, you have to focus on what your audience really needs to know. However, sometimes your users might be hungry for more.

What is a resource email? What is a resource link?

When you want to provide additional material on a topic, you should let your chatbot offer a resource email.

How does a resource email work for your?

  1. Your chatbot asks your user if she wants to receive an email with a link to additional resources. 

  2. If she clicks yes, 
    1. and the training is public: she can then enter her email address
    2. and the training is private: she will receive a notification, that the email was sent to the email linked to her account
  3. She gets an email in her inbox that contains the message and link you composed.

How do I set-up a resource email?

  1. Tick the box next to "send resource link" 

  2. Compose the email directly on eggheads.ai 

  3. Done. Your bot will now ask your user at the end of the chat if she is interested in an email with additional resources.

Is it possible to attach a file to a follow-up email?

No, you can only link to additional resources.

Is it possible to format the follow-up email?

No, resource emails are plain-text only.

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