What is the "recommend"-mechanism? Is there a referral system? How can I trigger internal viral distribution? How does it work?

Why does this matter?

A recommendation from a friend or coworker is one of the strongest signals, to check out something new. Let your happy users spread the word internally for your short, mobile, and interactive way to learn something new via chat.

How the referral mechanism works

  1. Your chatbot asks your user if she wants to recommend the experience to a co-worker

  2. If she clicks yes, she can then enter an email address of the person she wants to inform. 

  3. The co-worker receives an email. It states the name of the person that recommends to sign-up for the chatbot on your accounts sign-up form.

Set-up the recommend mechanism

Due to security reasons, it is only possible to activate the recommend mechanism with private chats (content that requires a login). It's reserved for internal usage.

When you compose a chat, tick the "recommend" box to activate the mechanism.

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