How can I add a link to a chat?

Why links in a chat?

A chat-based learning nugget is a crisp way to get key messages across. However, sometimes your users might want or need some additional information.

If you want to offer your users additional resources, you might want to add a link to a chat (or follow up with a resource email).

How to add a link to a chat

Formatting in eggheads works with markdown. That's why you see a * before and another * after the word if you formate it bold for example. It looks like this *keyword* in the editor. 

To add a link with Markdown you wrap the link text in square brackets [] followed by the link URL with parenthesis ().

It looks like this: [link text](link url)

In the editor

In the web

In Teams

Recommendation: use links at the end of your chat

A link within a chat takes your users to another destination - from where they might not return. Try to harness your user's attention when you have it and keep them in the chat.

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