How to get started with the egghead Microsoft Teams App

Why use the egghead Microsoft Teams App?

Employees collaborate and communicate in Microsoft Teams. Reach and engage them where their attention is and in a way that meets their habits: via chat. Turn Microsoft Teams into your Microlearning App. Don't create new silos. Integrate chat-based training into the tools employees are familiar with and using regularly.

How to get started with the egghead

A smooth and direct way is to:

  1. Go the Microsoft Teams App Store.
In your Microsoft Teams, look for this icon in the left of the app.
  1. Search for "egghead" (Yes, the platform is actually named "eggheads," but the app will act as your company's personal tutor and digital assistant, hence "egghead.").

  1. To add the egghead to your Microsoft Teams, make sure you have the right permissions. Your organization manages them.
  2. Once the egghead is succesfully installed, you will get a welcome message. However, there's not much you can do that moment. Please get in touch with us for a free trial or a subscription.

In the backend, everything is prepared for you. We only need to give you permission, and then you're able to log in on our website with your Microsoft account and start creating, sharing, and analyzing your chat-based trainings.

Alternatively, you find the egghead Microsoft Teams App also via Microsoft App Source.

This is how it looks

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