How can I copy a chat?

Why copy a chat?

  • to use a chat again but for a different audience
  • to use the structure of a chat as a basis for translations
  • to see how the audience reacts to similar chats (A/B tests).

Please note: this is not the same as Versioning

  • Versioning: you overwrite a chat e.g. to improve it. You keep one chat.
  • Copy: you create a new chat with the same elements and structure. This results in two chats.

There are two ways to copy a chat:

1) From your library

  1. Open the overview by clicking on "Trainings" in the menu bar. You will see all the chats in your library

  2. Next to the chat you want to copy: click the three dots to open additional options.

  3. Copy

  4. A copy of your chat with all its elements (images, videos, Emojis, jumps etc.) will be created. The following confirmation appears on your screen.

  5. You will see the copied chat in the editing view to continue working on it. (copy) is added to its title.

  6. Edit the chat as needed and publish it.

2) From within the editing view of a chat

When you're composing a chat, you can simply click the button "copy training" in the status header to copy it.

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