Make A Quiz

Why a quiz?

Quizzes are fun and engaging. Quizzes allow you to figure out, what your users know - or don't know. That's how you draw conclusions for your next communications and training measures.

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How do I make a quiz?

First, there are two types of quizzes:

Closed Quizzes

A closed quiz is a quiz that provides all possible answers to your users. Users click on one of these buttons to chose their answer.

  • Type your question in the dialog field.
  • Add a response for each possible answer.
  • Click the green tick next to the response that's correct.

Every response has the option to be marked as a correct answer in a quiz.

Click on the green tick next to the correct response and you're good to go.

  • Your users will automatically get a short reply, whether their response is correct or incorrect.
  • You can follow-up with feedback depending on the answer your users chose. Check the article on Jumps.

Open Quizzes

An open quiz increases the challenge for your users. Instead of just clicking on one of the answers you provide, you can require your users to type the solution you are looking for.

  • Type your question in the dialog field.
  • Click the keyboard button. This will allow your user to type an answer.

  • Type all possible solutions in the response field (comma-separated)

In this example, the user has to type "Email" or "E-Mail" to answer the question correctly. Capitalized letters matter, so "email" would be considered wrong.

  • With open quizzes it's not possible to give feedback on your users' answers as every combination of characters besides the required correct solution is incorrect.

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