Make a survey - get feedback

Why a survey?

Are you interested in your users' opinions? Would you like to get feedback in their own words? If you answer yes, make a survey.

Read this article or learn it via chat.

How do I make a survey?

There are two types of surveys.

Closed surveys

A closed survey lets your users chose from the responses you provide. They click on the response that best reflects their opinion.

  • Type your question in the dialog field
  • Add a response for every option you want to provide - that's it.

Open surveys

An open survey lets your users type a response or feedback in their own words.

  • Type your question in the dialog field
  • Click the keyboard button. This will allow your user to type an answer.
  • Leave the response field empty.
  • How do I analyze a survey?

    To see the responses of a closed or open survey, go to the specific training in analytics and click on the pie-chart on the right-hand side of the training ("Show details per version and dialog").

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