Why are there just letters on the buttons? Why is the text from the buttons now part of the chatbots speech bubble?What happens to long text on buttons?

You might have noticed, that the responses are:

  • sometimes completely displayed on the buttons and 
  • sometimes part of the chatbots statement and replaced by letters A, B, C etc. on the buttons.

This is a dialog with the complete answer on the buttons 

This is a dialog with the answers replaced by A, B, C

Why does this happen?

To make it easier for your users to read the options they have.

Imagine this: you need to provide a response that describes a concept or defines a term. You certainly need some characters to do so. If the response was completely displayed on the button, your users couldn't read it - especially on mobile, where screens are not that wide and users would have to scroll to the right. In short: there is not much space available to write on buttons.

To make it easier for you to compose the chat, the responses are automatically moved to the chatbots' bubble when all the responses you provide are longer than 60 characters in total.

What should you do?

Keep it crisp. 

What's the purpose of the response?

  • is it conversational only, like when you nod in a face-to-face conversation or confirm you're following?
    • then keep it as short as possible, for example like "got it", "sure", "let's go", "I know" or just a simple emoji.
  • is it explaining something, like a term or a concept
    • then use as many words as you need but as few as possible, the response will automatically be added to your chatbots' speech bubble and replaced by A, B, C etc. on the buttons. 

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